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Streamate is in NO WAY a scam.  At Adult Webcam Reviews we never hold anything back and our cam site reviews are very harsh on many adult video chat sites. If you have read any of our reviews on other adult cam sites you will know this is true. The fact is, I love this streamate cams and so do literally millions people who use adult webcam sites each day. is by far and away my favorite adult cam site for some very clear reasons which make it difference from other adult webcams.

Here are those reasons why I am a loyal user and what makes this xxx cam site unique. They boil down to three words that really summarize Streamate and set it apart as the best live cam site online. Our Streamate reviews cover these factor just below.

1. Authority. – The company that built this site and manages it each day has been around for DECADES in the adult entertainment business. This parent company is called Flying Croc. They did such an amazing job at building live cam sites and a massive network of models that most of the competing sites folded about 8 years back and asked this company to open what is called a white label version of their site. That it the reason why there are so many look-alike adult cam sites.

QUICK LINK: Check out Streamate – CLICK  HERE.

2. Trust. – This xxx cam site is the most trusted adult sex cams website online, hands down. They are far and away used by more men and not just in the U.S. or the UK but all around the world. Streamate is also the most popular live cams site for adult chat in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and many other places around the world. Much of the trust they have earned boils down to GREAT follow-up with users and very active support. If you ever feel cheated by a lame show or really just have any questions about a function on their website, it’s just a matter of a quick message to support. Streamate webcams site has lightning fast customer service and that level of service is always maintained no matter how much you spend or if you are a free user. It does not just start out good, but remains good. I am speaking as a user of this adult video chat for more than 11 years now.

3. Fair Business Model / Pay as you go. – Initially some people get worried when they see that you have to input a credit card. However, your reaction should be just the latter when you compare the way they charge to how other adult cam sites charge for shows. Here is the deal with live cam sites; 90% of the sites out there are high risk merchants who have lost their ability to do what Streamate does for you. That simly means they cannot access ways to bill you each time you have a few minute show like Streamate can.

The dollar amounts are small for most shows you watch, but Streamate realized early on, the best opportunity to capture a wide net was to offer a simple, FAIR, and easy method of collecting funds. The pay as you go system means users DO NOT have to fork over large amounts of cash for pre-paid packaged. Check out other adult cam sites and the most well known sites make you fork over 50 to 100 dollars in advance. That is the big difference!

Streamate  Reviews : Business Model

After all, nobody wants to essentially loan a company money for something they have not already received. With you use time when you go private with a model. There are no absurd credit systems in place! Each model has a clear per minute price for her 1 on 1 shows that is ALWAYS CLEARLY marked. When you enter the show the timer starts. When you want to leave you simply click the exit button and time stops. Streamate then ROUNDS DOWN to the nearest second! This has won them a huge market share over the past years. There are never any mix-ups over costs and you never feel screwed.

FREE means FREE. When you register at Streamate you are NEVER charged anything EVER unless you specifically go there, login, and request a live private show. Some guys use private shows like us, some guys like to just check out free shows. It’s up to each user to decide. Those that spend the money supplement the service and everyone wins. This is why I named the best adult cam site online. So let’s go a little more in-depth about this live cams site as far as features and prices.


Expect to pay between 99 cents per minute to 3 dollars per minute. Sure the American webcam girls and some from Europe may have higher rates but the majority of the ladies have very reasonably priced shows.


As far as Navigation from you can see from this home page screenshot Streamate offers one of the easiest to use live sex cams sites online. It’s simply cleaner and easier and flows making for a better user experience!

As you can see from the screenshot below the main navigational tabs for are as follows:

  • Search – (This allows geo search and all niches including languages. Keep in mind this adult cam site is used globally and in 50 plus languages!
  • New Models – Men love new cam girls. The reasons might be obvious but streamate has placed that button front and center to find new ladies. Over 1,450 new cam models join the site each week!
  • Search by ratings. – Rating are searching by internal reviews left by men on the models. You can leave a review after you watch a show and even tag models. Tags are a clever way to find models as well. Things like PAWG which of course means phat ass white girl, or cam models with braces would appear as tags like, ‘Braces’ or ‘PAWG’. Likewise if you want to find cheap cam shows you can use the 99 cents tag on
  • Gold shows. – As I discuss in detail gold shows are open community shows. if you look at the image below you will see that HotGoddeess has a Gold Show icon on her profile. That simply means she is going to be starting a gold show soon. This makes it easy to save some cold hard cash and watch live cams for adults without breaking the bank!
  • Categories or Niches: Below to the left you will see that over 60 niches are offered. This way you can sort over 10,000 webcam models and see who you would like to watch of have a 1-on-1 cam show with. If she is not online you can send her a message. Private messages are 100% free to send to any model on the site.
  • Free chat: The free chat section is 100% free, no games, no bullshit, free means free. You just have to verify your age and leave a card on file and your officially a member at no cost to you ever unless you opt for private shows. It’s very simple to understand and that is why so, so many people use this site.

streamate cams


Gold shows are merely shows where multiple men can watch the same live cam shows. They offers cam models a way to make more income from the same live show. It’s a win-win!

How much are gold shows? Typical gold show buy-ins are 3 – 7 dollars each and the shows typically last 5 – 10 minutes each. These shows keep costs down for all of us. It takes just about 3 minutes to register and once you do the costs for each model will appear next to the model as you click the chat button. You have to approve those costs so not to worry. You can give it a try here.


There are dozens of sites like streamate. A few such sites are and However, please understand though that these are not sites like streamate they actually are streamate! These are merely white label copies. My point to people when I suggest they stick to the original site is this. Overhead always pushes costs higher. Therefore, over time if more mouths to feed work their way into the system you pay more. It just makes sense to go to the source.


Bar none, streamate live cams is just the place to be when it comes to sex cams. There are a small group of quality live cam show websites these days but this site is head and shoulders above the rest for just the reasons outlined on this streamate review. Our reviews were last updates in November for the coming year of 2018.

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StripChat Reviews – What Happened? Reviews, What is this Cam Site Like?


No, StripChat is a professionally operated live adult webcams entertainment business operated by Hammy Media. They also operate one of the largest xxx porn tube site on the web. That said, they generate traffic from that tube site and feed it into their new cam site called


Overall we ran up costs of about 4.00 per minute on average for live sex cams shows with internet models in the United States and about 50 cents less for Colombian and Romanian cam girls. Users can expect this to be a good rule of thumb as far as the price per minute for adult cams at StripChat.


Stripchat has recently introduce what they call a StripScore. They also now offer cam girls the ability to sell videos. The profile bio pages for cam girls though are super sparse and show that this cam site is still getting the hang of the cams business. Their’s very little to these bios and it leaves the user wanting to see more and learn more about the cam model. For those who are after a freemium cam site that is like StripChat, you will want to read the Chaturbate reviews.

This is what the home page of StripChat will appear like as shown in the image below. They share the red colors of LiveJasmin with grey tone as well. StripChat though has recently changed their brand logo to a martini glass rather than the one in the image below.

StripChat has a feature that shares the top cam girls on their site in the upper left corner then on the right side the most popular categories are linked. They also have a ‘spy’ feature.

FAQ about with costs and user reviews


I would just say that before joining StripChat you will first want to read the LiveJasmin reviews. LiveJasmin has a more abundant selection and a smoother experience on mobile as well as the international focused selection, while Streamate is the top American adult webcams service. StripChat shows alot of promise and continues to roll out new functionality and attract more live cam hosts. I expect that in the future this adult video chat has a bright future, but there are still a number of super destinations online for live sex cams.

Try StripChat or you can see which adult cam site rank in the top 5 here. This site is a good xxx cam site but this site is not the VERY best.

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LiveJasmin Reviews – What People are Saying! reviews reviews

Is LiveJasmin a scam?

With 2018 being half over now, it was clearly time to update our reviews for the powerhouse live adult webcams site called LiveJasmin. is also known as known as Jasmin located at as well as the aforementiond url. The two separate sites are more or less one in the same since they are what is commonly referred to as cobrands. (cobrand for those that may now know are merely sites owned and operated by the same exact company featuring the same models with an indentical technology operating underneath the website; the only difference being how the two sites are marketed.

First lets look at the past years changes on LiveJasmin. In late 2015 Jasmin or LiveJasmin replaced their CEO and radically changed directions in how they approaching driving traffic. Their shift in user acquisition strategy now focuses more on driving traffic to their sites with affiliate partners. Previously they focused on 1 time payouts. Considering the LiveJasmin business is just one of many that Docler Holding (their parent company) operates some may argue that this new direction would be less of a focus on the live webcams. We disagree, their new focus resembles that of our top ranked site which is called Streamate. In our opion this just reflects a less costly way to grow their business and meet expectations of the end user. Business aside what matters to you is user experience and you will be glad to know it’s just gotten better.

Besides this 2016 shift LiveJasmin introduced more of a focus on their JasminTV service is which basically just a dedicated site centered around delivering live webcams on IPTV devices or smart tv’s in laymen terms. However, that market is most likely still years out as not many people have the patience to fuss with removes when they are trying to ‘enjoy’ live webcam shows.

Finally, LiveJasmin continued to be centered around studio models versus independent cam girls in 2016. Part of this most likely reflects their desire to continue to be a price leader and offer good adult webcam entertainment at the best prices; something they are known for.

As 2017 winded down and 2018 started the changes LiveJasmin made to their offerings started to pay major dividends. Today they are back on top and again known as the largest adult webcams site in the world.

Realize you can also always visit the best adult webcam sites for 2018 here:  List of the top live sex sites. Let’s move on to features and pricing of this adult cam site.

LIVEJASMIN CAMS PRICES: continues to offer some of the best prices on adult webcam entertainment as it relates to live webcam shows from home. As we alluded to below part of the reason they are able to do this is their reliance on foreign studios where wages and income expectations are lower than in the U.S. or U.K..


  • LiveJasmin is perhaps best known for a clean interface as it introduced back in 2014 with what was then billed as ‘NEW’ Livejasmin. This internface on the home page landing pages carried through to the user experience giving you a better view and large webcam area of sight for the performances as they happened. This was later adopted by all the other sites including MyCams, JOYourself, and their other cobrands.
  • They have an internal awards system that recognizes top models but the neat ability that this offers customers is being able to see which models are focused on quality and engaging shows. Sticking to the models that are competing in the LiveJasmin contests is another method for users to be more apt to get a better show.
  • Sure you will find all the standard features that are popular with people such as the ‘favorites’ button which means you can store and track your favorite performers for shows later, and searches by region and languages spoken.
  • Pricing: LiveJasmin has always been on the best priced sex cam sites and that continues. When you dollar cost average live webcam shows with a pool of performers usually this site comes back as either the least expensive or second to least expensive. That is the reason that millions of men around the globe log into livejasmin each day.


There are no other sites like livejasmin exactly but as far as providing a good value deserves to be mentioned for sure as they offer more independent models and more American girls on live cam. The functionality of the two sites is quite different but they together represent two of the most popular adult webcam chat sites.

screenshot of LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin continues to be a leader in the adult webcams services business.
LiveJasmin continues to be a leader in the adult webcams services business.


Rest easy LiveJasmin is both safe and legit and has some of the best prices for adult webcams of any live sex cam site. Our advice is to always start with the lower price package and just try out all of the adult webcams sites.

The goal of our reviews are to cover the core aspects and give you the reader some fundamental starting point. LiveJasmin is not a scam and it is a safe site to use which is reflected in the fact that it is the biggest adult webcam site on the planet.

Millions of men use this site each day and keep coming back day in and day out so you must recognize that they are providing a good value to their users or they would not continue to be the leader in this space. As noted above the business changed a little this past year but the user experience for the most part stayed the same as the amount of models online grew. It’s a good site, what else we can say?

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Sexier reviews- Bust or Good Site?

Sexier reviews reviews


Listen up folks, it should be obvious that is a legit safe cam site and not a scam for the obvious reasons; the site has over 45,000 registered cam girls with more than 3,500 that are active in 2018. Likewise this adult cam site gets millions of page views a month with hundreds of thousands of members using the site daily. It is operated by PussyCash which is one of the largest names in the adult webcam business. Their an honest and straight shooting company and chances are at least 5 people on your block will be logging in to use one of their sites today. However, I will tell you that I really prefer (our current #2 ranked site) and another site by the same company with a more modern layout which I think offers a 10x’s better user experience.

That being said is a great site too ‘getting the job done’. If you are using Sexier make sure to check out ImLive first though. Also I should tell you were here on a regular basis making updates to our reviews on all the top cam girl chat sites. This was last manually updated in June 2018.

Likewise, we also suggest you compare Here is the deal, I love Sexier/Imlive for when I want to use a credits platforms and as a second go to site. I also really love the mobile experience here over almost all other sites. We even top rank this site because of the selection and reputation they have accompanied with the mobile experience. It’s just that fundamentally I do still prefer a system that does not use the credits billing model and instead charges you conveniently to your card based on the exact disclosed dollar amount multiplied by the minutes you use. It’s just easier for me to understand and keep track of as someone who uses live webcams many times per week. However, many others prefer it the other way around. Therefore, that is something for you to decide.

Just so you know though in the other business model streamate charges you without a credits system meaning you pay rounded to the second as you use their site. has you buy credits which are simple and easy to keep track on as well.

Many people do want to not have an open tab with the live cams company. I get that too. For those people is a great choice. is a similar site to with respect to the credits system and that site too would be another one of our top picks for that business model. You can read the review here or visit for yourself to compare it.

However, if you want to pay as you go with a credit card on tile than the site that makes the most sense is probably


The prices are another great argument to use because they do offer some the best pricing in the industry. It’s common to find models who, when the numbers are all flushed out, are charging you just about $1.99 per minute. Let’s be honest. That’s cheaper than early 90’s phone sex. It’s a great value for those seeking out live adult webcams. There can be no arguing that. It’s just a matter of which way you prefer to be billed and what you are most comfortable with.

Specifically you will pay about 3 U.S. dollars on avg with their credit system. Sure, it will vary depending on the model you pick and these are just averages based on our spend over 3 months time.


As you can see from the screenshot below navigation is boxy and a bit clunky. Others may look at the same thing and love it’s clear organization. That just boils down to personal preferences. The one aspect to this design I love is the top-level navigation to ‘Top Cam Models’. I’ve long believed that sticking to the top ranked cam girls on a site will prove to shield the users from the let-downs of many newbie cam models; those who have yet to realize that the way to win you over is good service and getting right down to business.

SITES LIKE SEXIER.COM is owned by pussycash which operates and These sites are all the same really except they separate out men in the case of and the designs are different of course. There are some unique features on the ImLive site I should note. Our favorite site on this platform is by a mile but mostly due to design.

CONCLUSION & FINDINGS ON SEXIER.COM REVIEWS: is on our top 30 and it is operated by a company that is honest and plays fair with everyone. The design I personally find a little lacking but the value is there for once you are in shows and the selection of models is top-notch. If we made one suggestion we’d probably say to stick with the top cam 5 sites in our live cam reviews, but Sexier since it operates on the same platform as ImLive is a great pick as well.

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