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scoreslive reviews

 Is scores live cams a scam?



No scoreslive is not a scam and yes they can be trusted. We’ve been a member for sometime and they are a fine site. That being said there are better live cam sites for adults. Many better sites as a matter of fact. I suggest a few alternatives for a better value below.

However, to be fair I will first go through the basics with this smaller boutique cams site.  Before I do that though I should also mention that those who have been here and ranked this adult webcam site have also tended to agree with us. We note that scoreslive currently has just over a 2 star ranking.


ScoresLive is also a prepay site. They actually outsource their billing with a rather large comapny that focuses on adult webcam sites and adult nature sites. Therefore, there is rather obvious billing which does clue people in if they see your statement that your um….’Jerking online!’ 🙂 So I don’t like the element. The nuts and bolts of the site besides the costs are reasonable though which I will touch on below. Expect to pay 3-4 bucks a minute and sometimes up to 10 dollars a minute for models here. Many strippers freelance at this site and charge really high prices. My preference is to stick with the part timers and more raw amateurs that don’t come across as pro’s. Those are more often found on


The features of this site are fine but again if you are looking at credit based cam sites, which we explain the differences as far as the two major business models for cam sites in our users guide; I can tell you to compare this site to If you do, also a credits system will prevail as a much better adult webcam site. The reason is cost and selection, hence value! So here is a short list of some of the best features.

  • Optional VIP Membership
  • Free Direct Messages
  • Search by features. You will note that this site doesn’t make searching near as easy as other live cam sites. The reason why is because the selection of cam models is much, much smaller.
  • VIP Shows which are featured on the home page making them easy to find. (REALLY A UPSELL) Really everything here feels that way as you use the site too. It’s meant to be more intimate but we think it’s actually less intimate for that very reason. 



Scoreslive charges you for a VIP membership in addition to credits which are assessed a value per minute in the cam shows. So in order to compete with the value you get from the top live cam sites you pay twice at ScoresLive. Once is too much in this editors opinion and this site is a pass.  See our rankings here of the best live sex cams here.


scoreslive cams

ScoresLive as you just read REALLY doesn’t compare to the top sex cams sites. See which sites do, compare them all on our cam site reviews table.

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