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Contact AWR to make suggestions or request a review using this form. Looks guys (and girls) we always try to be fair and IMPARTIAL but we also play a critical role of informing people about cam sites for adults. You may not always like what we say in our reviews. That is NOT OUR FAULT and just because you own or operate the site and feel offended does not mean we are going to change our comments or review. That said we are open to hearing you out and we feel that open dialogue is important. Just the same we accept requests from people like you (our readers) who sometimes ask for a review of a popular new live sex site.

NOTE: No spam requests for your new WL or clone sites guys! Come on man. Nobody is that stupid. Also we do NOT sell or trade links. Please go elsewhere for this. All our content is 100% original and copyright protected. We will SUE YOUR ASS if you copy our content.

Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, concerns, or whatever you like if it is relevant. Also our reviews are updated OFTEN. So if you work at a adult cam site and are aware of a new update please do write us and share your news!

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