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How adult cam sites work

How adult cam sites work

cropped-adult-webcam-reviews1.jpgHave seen a million of these live adult webcam ads? Is it safe to join live sex websites & what is the process involved in using adult webcams? We answer all these questions and more at the sex cam sites users guide and faq.

Those are the 2 most common questions that I get from my readers by far.

So let’s go through the questions 1 by 1.

Question 1. Is it safe to join adult webcam sites?

Answer 1. The answer is YES and NO. Let me explain. You really need to take the time to do some looking around for a trusted adult cam site reviews website like ours. Make sure that the site does not rank all the sites as wonderful. That is of course a HUGE RED FLAG! Secondly, make sure to read the differences in business models below. This will help you determine which way of paying for live cams is the best for you.

Question 2. What is the sign-up process for sex cam sites?

Answer 2.  It is always the same with the only difference being some require a credit card and some cam sites do not. I go into more detail below as to why that is the case.

Are there REALLY any Free Adult Webcam Sites

If you are asking if there are any live cam sites that are 100% free where you can go live and 1 on 1 in private with women than the answer is a firm and resounding no. No, period. This is economics my friend the concept of supply and demand dictates that women know they can make money from live webcams so they all go to the places where they can make money and get off as well. I mean seriously dude, wouldn’t you? 

How adult cam sites work
How adult cam sites work

That being said many of the women who work on live cam sites hate their jobs and are from 3rd world countries. They simply do it for the money. Likewise some women never get off for REAL in the shows; they merely fake it. That is the truth in many cases. Your goal I am guessing, if you’re like most men is to find the women who enjoy live cams and are having a good time.

ONE MORE THING ON THE FREE TOPIC! If you are asking if there are live cam sites that are free as far as open chat that is a different question and the answer to that question is a resounding yes. As a matter of fact our top pick for the best overall adult webcam site is Streamate and you can chat in the open chat session and join without paying a dime there. The only catch is you do have to leave a card on file in case you do ever opt for the clearly marked go private option.

The Adult Webcam Business Models – Different methods but the same service


1. Prepay packages:

Prepay business models for sex cam sites is where the industry really started. Sites like are the leaders in this arena. You pre-buy the package of minutes and then work your way off what you paid for in advance. To me that makes little sense although we do rank as the 2nd best overall adult cams site. (You can read that review here)

2. Pay as you go:

The pay as you go model makes a whole hell of a lot more sense to most men. Why fork over 100 bucks or even 20 for something you will not be using. Would you lend me money interest free? Well then why are you doing the same thing when you pre-pay time with cam models. Leave your card on file at a trustworthy site and you will soon see this is SUPER convenient. The money comes out when you spend it. It’s simple and easy and if you follow our advice on the best sex cam sites you will see that they round your time in a VERY, VERY fair method. By the second, downwards to be exact. This way you never pay a penny more than what you use. That my friends is an efficient and smart way to do business.

I explain both business models because some people do prefer for whatever reason to pay in advance. While I think it is silly some people are so paranoid that they will continue to prepay anyway, no matter what they are told or no matter how trusted the site is. The site I personally use and millions of men do and the site we rank as the best overall sex cams site is streamate. Reviews for are here. Also take not that it’s not just me but everyone that has ranked this site, consistently ranks it the best site. There are other great cam sites for adults as you will see in our reviews but to save you some time this is the very best.

Learn more about us here or go check out the cam site reviews table here.

NOTE: As you peruse the reviews look out for this warning of a shady or less than desirable adult cams site.

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