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Welcome to our report on Streamate cam girls chat platform. Our reviews are regularly updated as new features and functions are added or changed. In case you are curious if Streamate is a Legit adult cam site or if it is safe to give them your credit card information you may want to consider reading our experiences as regular users of this adult webcams site. The report on Streamate covers more than a 10 year period now.

Streamate Review (Is it Any Good?) After Using The Platform 10 Years, I Can Tell You.

First off, in case you were curious Streamate is in NO WAY a scam and as a general rule, this is a safe live sex webcam site.

At (A.W.R.) Adult Webcam Reviews we are known for never holding anything back. Some have even accused us of being overly harsh in our cam site reviews. However, when adult video chat sites operate in shady ways our job is to call them out. If you have read any of our reviews on other adult cam sites you will know this is true.

With that said, the camsex site known as is one of the most popular cam girl sites in America because they really nail making it comfortable to just relax and browse the xxx video chat rooms.

They also make it even easier to understand the prices to participate. This is what really stands out when it comes to paying for private performances from live nude girls.

Streamates chat rooms
Streamates chat rooms appear like this

Streamate: a Scam or Not?

No. In a single word, Stremate is not a scam. Look I did not just review this site yesterday. I am a loyal user of the private HD cams that streammate offers. (And yes those misspellings are intentional the proper way to spell streamates is just streamate.

So to be concise what exactly keeps me coming back to see xxx live action here? What makes this xxx cam site unique you may ask.

If I had to summarize my Streamate experiences over the past decade I would just say that they understand their customers well and deliver private hd cams in a way that really makes you want to use the site over and over. Few xxx live chat websites have the 3 user experience aspects that make me feel comfortable, but this is one of them.

1. Authority. – The company that built this xxx live chatting website has been around for literally 22 years. This parent company is called Flying Croc.

They did such an exceptional job at building a xxx live cam sites and a massive network of cam girls. As a matter of fact, the company was so successful many of their old competitors now operate a white-label or cloned version of this site. Take for example pornhublive.

That is the reason why there are so many look-alike adult cam sites.visit the site

2. Trust. – This xxx livr cam site is the most trusted adult sex cams website online, hands down. They are far and away used by more men and not just in the U.S. or the UK but all around the world. Streamate is also the most popular live cams site for adult chat in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and many other places around the world.

This is the logo of streamate and how you know you are using the original platform.

Much of the trust they have earned boils down to GREAT follow-up with users and very active support. If you ever feel cheated by a lame show or really just have any questions about a function on their website, it’s just a matter of a quick message to support. Streamate webcams site has lightning-fast customer service and that level of service is always maintained no matter how much you spend or if you are a free user. It does not just start out good, but remains good. I am speaking as a user of this adult video chat for more than 11 years now.

3. Fair Business Model / Pay as you go. – Initially, some people get worried when they see that you have to input a credit card. However, your reaction should be just the latter when you compare the way they charge to how other adult cam sites charge for shows.

Here is the deal with live cam sites; 90% of the sites out there are high-risk merchants who have lost their ability to do what Streamate does for you. That simply means they cannot access ways to bill you each time you have a few minute shows like Streamate can.

streamate reviews
Our Streamate reviews will familiarize you with what to expect as a member.

Bottom line is you are going to get treated better here.

The dollar amounts are small for most shows you watch, but realized early on, the best opportunity to capture a wide net was to offer a simple, FAIR, and easy method of collecting funds. The pay-as-you-go system means users DO NOT have to fork over large amounts of cash for the pre-paid packages. Check out other adult cam sites and the most well-known sites make you fork over 50 to 100 dollars in advance. That is the big difference with this cam sex site. Likewise, this sex cams site tops our list of the cheapest live sex cams.

How Streamate Works and What is Costs: The Business Model At

After all, nobody wants to essentially loan someone money for something they have not already received. Here is what I am referring to…

With Streamate web cam you use, “time” when you go private with a model. While chatting with whatever big tits live cam princess you want, you simultaneously see what you spend.

Meaning you don’t have to pay in advance for xxx live shows. It is a post-pay webcam sex service.

There are no absurd credit systems in place.

xxx live
xxx live chat and cams are what it is all about.

That is an issue that people hate with most of the other top cam sites.

Each model has a clear per-minute price for her 1 on 1 shows that is ALWAYS CLEARLY marked. When you enter the show the timer starts. When you want to leave you simply click the exit button and time stops. Streamate then ROUNDS DOWN to the nearest second! This has won them a huge market share over the past years. There are never any mix-ups over costs and you never feel screwed.

FREE means FREE. When you register at Streamate you are NEVER charged anything EVER unless you specifically go there, log in, and request a live private show. Some guys use private shows like us, some guys like to just check out free shows. It’s up to each user to decide.

Those that spend the money supplement the service by using a premium private live sex webcam; so everyone wins.

This is why we had to rank among the best sex cams website online.

So let’s go a little more in-depth about this live cams site as far as features and prices.

Streamate Prices & CamSex Costs

Expect to pay between 99 cents per minute to 3 dollars per minute. Sure the American webcam girls and some from Europe may have higher rates but the majority of the ladies have very reasonably priced shows.

private hd cams
The clarity of the private HD cams are exceptional.

Streamate Features:

As far as Navigation from you can see from this home page screenshot Streamate cams offers one of the easiest to use live sex cams sites online. It’s simply cleaner and easier and flows making for a better user experience!

As you can see from the screenshot below the main navigational tabs for are as follows:

  • Search – (This allows geo search and all niches including languages. Keep in mind this adult cam site is used globally and in 50 plus languages!
  • New Models – Men love new cam girls. The reasons might be obvious, but streamates has placed that button front and center to find new ladies. Fact is that streamate roleplay cams are cheaper because of new webcam girls.
  • Over 1,000 new cam models join the site each week. New streamate web cam girls are some of the most popular ladies to chat with on cam at this xxx live site.
  • Search by ratings. – Rating is searching by internal reviews left by men on the models. You can leave a review after you watch a show and even tag models. Tags are a clever way to find models as well. Things like PAWG which of course means phat ass white girl or cam models with braces would appear as tags like, ‘Braces’ or ‘PAWG’. Likewise, if you want to find cheap cam shows you can use the 99 cents tag on
  • Free trans cams are pretty popular as well at streammate and at times seem to be more sought after than the big boob models.
  • Gold shows: Gold cam shows are open community sex cams shows. If you look at the image above you will see a hot model nude who has a Gold Show icon on her profile. That simply means she is going to be starting a gold show soon. This makes it easy to save some cold hard cash and watch live cams for adults without breaking the bank.
  • Categories or Niches: Below to the left you will see that over 60 niches are offered. Streamate hairy is one of the popular categories with hot cam girls.
  • Private messages are 100% free to send to any model on the site.
  • Wild streamate cam sex selection from free nude ebony webcams to web cam teen sex 18+ you are going to find it here.
  • Free xxx chat: The free chat section is 100% free, no games, no bullshit, free means free.
  • You just have to verify your age and leave a card on file and you are officially a member at no cost to you ever unless you opt for private shows.

The private HD cams are very simple to understand and that is why so many people use this site.

We have more than 10 years of experience going into our Streamate showing how the site has evolved over the past decade.

Gold Shows Started at Streamate.

Any detailed streamate reviews have to share gold shows. GOLD is the name of dollars at this cam girls webcams. Gold shows are merely shown where multiple men can watch the same live cam shows. They offer cam models a way to make more income from the same live show. It’s a win-win! Imagine being able to watch cam girls do big tits cum shows live for 10 minutes and come out of pocket for just 5 bucks. That is the sort of live cams value I am talking about.

How much are gold shows? Typical gold show buy-ins are 3 – 7 dollars each and the shows typically last 5 – 10 minutes each. These shows keep costs down for all of us. It takes just about 3 minutes to register and once you do the costs for each model will appear next to the model as you click the chat button. For instance, cherry tv gives better transparency over the sex cam costs & membership benefits. You have to approve those costs so as not to worry.

Sites Like

There are dozens of sites like streamates. A few such sites are,, and Understand though that these are not sites like they actually are These are merely white label copies that affiliates started. I suggest they stick to the original site.

Overhead always pushes costs higher. Therefore, over time if more mouths to feed work their way into the system you pay more. It just makes sense to go to the source. All things considered, a streamate alternative or site like streamate that you also might want to try is LiveJasmin. Read why in our LiveJasmin reviews. This is just for those of you who are already in love with Streamate but just want to mix it up and try checking out live nude girls from a different platform.

Streamate Review Summary

Expect a safe adult video chat offerings diversity when it comes to stream mate live cams. From naked mature females on cam to free BBW cams, you really get it all here. For most people, once they join, it becomes a regular place to watch private HD cams.

After they experience the ease-of-use and low costs of sex cams streamate just make sense. Some come for web cam teen sex shows with 18+ cam girls while others are seeking live free girl on girl sex videos. Whatever your live cams fetish is, it is hard to not see value in a free xxx live cams site where you can chat with a woman and watch that same mature Latina fuck herself for like a dollar a minute.

In conclusion, there are only a few quality live cam sites for adults these days, but this one is clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

visit the site

Our Streamate reviews were last updated in 2024 Also, peep out our list of the best video chat sites.

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