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icams reviews

icams reviews Is a scam? Well let’s just say this folks. It is nowhere near the top of the.

icams reviews reviews

Is a scam? Well let’s just say this folks. It is nowhere near the top of the list but instead hovers closer to the bottom of the barrel. parent co. is Friend Finder Networks the same company that runs various dating sites. However, their cams sites (they offers two) are nothing alike. Instead of you want to instead try their sister site called  You can read the review here or visit for yourself to compare it. The fact is that site is 10 times better as far as the features they offer. 


The prices on are typically 3-4 U.S. dollars a minute on average. While some cam sex models work for as little at $2.50 per minute, others demand as much at $6.00 per minute. Pricing is comparable to many other adult webcam sites at icams, it is the limited functionality that we don’t much care. 


As far as features on here is a partial list some of the most used functionality at the icams live sex cams site.

  • Once you join you can save favorite cam models. This merely saves you time locating the women who you enjoyed watching on cam in the past.
  • As a member you can also search through niches. You will find niches such as Hairy pussy webcams, Asian sex cams, and shemale cams listed on a orange banner across the very top of the site. This placement is easy to find unlike other sites like (review at that link)
  • Perhaps the most unique feature if you will of icams is the peculiar main navigation tab features. Things like, ‘What are webcams’ which is a introduction to adult sex cams page is something quite weird to see on a live cam site for adults. Sure I can see it’s purpose but the fact is that is not something that should take up such valuable real estate on a adult cam site.


Other basics functionality one would expect is offered but the features are quite limited compared to our higher ranked adult cam sites.


As you will see below we refer you instead to check out the sister site of icams. While icams is a trusted site that you can very much feel secure as far as registering with it’s truly not anywhere near as good as their other site.

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Try icams here.

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