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Chaturbate Reviews – Is it Really Free?

Is Chaturbate a scam or legit? Find out where Chaturbate ranks compared to other adult cams sites. reviews with costs & prices are here. First off, Chaturbate is a site that for years I didn’t really enjoy using. That was until I really took the time to understand how Chaturbate works.

The cam shows on chaturbate seemed to open and I disliked the appearance of a lack of privacy, or so I thought. Looking back it is crazy that I discounted it that way I did. It’s an archaic place for nude cams chat but now I see the beauty in that.

The other thing I want to mention right off the bat in our Chaturbate reviews is that chaturbate is often misspelled at chatterbate, chaterbate, chaterbate, and chatturbate, but it’s spelled which is a play on the word masturbate and chat.

Our Chaturbate reviews have been revised with new information 17 times since it was first published in 2014 with the last updates in January 2022.

I have personally spent nearly $6,000 on this webcam site and had literally hundreds of personal price sex cam shows as well as tipped on countless others. Therefore, I can confidently say I know all about Chaturbate as an avid user.

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Is Chaturbate a safe site or a scam? Full reviews here.

Chaturbate is a one-of-a-kind story of success in the sex cams business. Once a laughing-stock Chaturbate is also now one of the most dominant adult webcam sites online.

It is not a scam to any extent and is completely safe to use and join and transactions are secured over HTTPS / SSL protocol. Likewise, over 17.8 million people a day use this cam site as of 2022. Here is what one must understand;

Chaturbate was one of the first token cam girl sites. They virtually created the concept of users being able to tip to activate cam girl sex toys.

Is Chaturbate a Scam?

chaturbate scam
Chaturbate is not a scam but the cam girls play with their phones as much as their pussies.

The debate is alive and well as far as if the majority of cam girls get any true sexual gratification from having sex toys vibrate on cam.

However, there is no denying the full array of features at Chaturbate has been a massive commercial success.

Chaturbate has been able to garner a large chunk of the adult webcam market as well as assemble a virtual army of cam girls.

At first, Chaturbate was purely popular in the United States and had few Romanian or Colombian cam girls, but since 2015 when this cam site was voted, ‘Top Adult Webcam Site’ much has changed.

Chaturbate has taken the cams world by storm sponsoring trade shows and awards show in all parts of the world. Over time they are gaining users each place they focus their marketing dollars. From the perspective of a voyeur cams site, there is no more popular destination on the web.

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It is true that 1-on-1 interaction is sparse on Chaturbate. Or is it? You’d think so unless you take the time to learn how the private adult cams feature works.

Once you immerse yourself on the chaterbate site and buy tokens it all starts to make sense. This step is where your username color changes from grey to a legitimate user designation and you start to see how this adult webcam site really works.

The truth is chaturbate does have great private adult cam chat, but it’s not as often people do truly private xxx shows. As you will see in our, is a more private-focused style of adult webcam site.

That is not a knock against chaturbate, but just a statement of the differences in how these cam sites operate.

Differences aside, chaturbate is still one of the largest sex cam sites you’ll see on the internet. Cam girls from different parts of the world get benefitted from that.

Talk about cam girls, and here is the list of Chaturbate Latina Pornstars who are having the peak times of their cam show career.

This cam site is so popular that thousands of people search the misspelling chaterbate each day.


The funny thing about Chaturbate is it’s chock full of broke guys and just a small percent of big spenders make the concept really work. The cheapskate guys are called, ‘greys’.

The reason why is those who do not join and pay to have a grey username. That makes up 99% of the people who use this site, but that 1% is typically whales.

It’s one step better than a tube site like YouPorn, but two steps worse in you have to watch a screen of emoticons going wild as you compete with freeloaders for actual engagement with the cam model.

Okay so I am still torn but I have a newfound appreciation these days for this cam site.

This sex cams site is my least favorite and the site I have spent ZERO time on since the first few times we used it.

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sites like Chaturbate
There are not really any sites like Chaturbate as far as traffic volume or bots. Some try but nobody has created anything nearly as successful to date.

Chaturbate Cams Features:

As far as features chaturebate has extensive and robust functionality with more tools for cam girls than any other adult webcam site. They use what they call bots to make it all work organically.

These chatterbate bots are automated tools the give cam girls ways to perform functions automatically.

Things, like starting and stopping new goals and communicating what they will do publicly when certain tip milestones are met, are the most obvious uses.

Also, chaturbate offers cam models a whole host of very unique features. The truth is when Chaturbate programmers and engineers laid out the plans for their cam site they really had to re-imagine the whole user experience and the layout and this lead to a very original adult webcams site.

At the time they had to compete with a much more popular adult cam site known as

Sites Like Chaturbate:

Dude, check out the sites similar to Chaturbate to compare cam shows, costs, and their features. I strongly suggest you stick with the top 5 sex cams sites. After that, you really drop very quickly in reputation and overall user experience. The truth is there are tons of scam adult webcam sites!

Perhaps it is worth reading our LiveJasmin reviews though if you like high-tech sex cam sites.

Our video review of

Looking back on our comments about this cam site I regret them as I did not at the time truly understand how revolutionary Chaturbate features were and how they made cam girls the center of attention.

They truly do deserve kudos. I still stick to private shows but I often use this adult cam site for those private shows. Here’s a valuable tip, start your camming shows with chaturbate milf models, they’re cheaper and save you big bucks.

Home page screenshot of

Chaturbate Home
Chaturbate home tells us one story. It’s fucking hot!

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Common misspellings: Chatterbate, Chaterbate, and Chatturbate are all the same site and the proper spelling for the site is simply Chaturbate. It’s a word-play on chat and masturbation. Now you know.

Chaturbate Findings & Conclusion:

The consensus from most of us these days is that Chaturbate was a misunderstood cam site for the first year they were online and their public chat everyone felt threatened by.

It was also so popular that many of us never gave the private adult cam chat features they offer a chance. As it turns out their small ideas have since changed the landscape of adult webcams. Be it chaturbate hairy porn stars or big tits or pantyhose, it gives you an enlightening experience. If you enjoy watching Asian babes, consider checking chaturbate Asian cams which boasts a wide selection of live Asian pussies.

These days all the other top adult webcam sites have stolen the concept of interactive vibrators activated by tips and it graces the home pages of competitor sites.

Let’s also face the music here that for too long cam girl got too small a chunk of the overall take and pays the cam girls a large chunk.

While they may not be the very best adult webcams site, we rank this cam girl chat site at #2 overall for 2021. I would really encourage everyone to at least take 30 seconds and read the Streamate reviews as well in order to see why it was the top sex cams site for 2021.

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