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Flirt4Free reviews – Filling in the Blanks

flirt4free reviews


NO! is a trustworthy business and has millions of customers now. I would also be amiss to not say that Flirt4Free is perhaps one of the top 3 adult webcam site online right now as far as trajectory goes. The fact is this site has been VERY successful at wrangling some of the most beautiful cam models in the world. Flirt4Free is growing rapidly as far as daily visitors and becoming the top cam site or one of the top cam sites online. We currently rank flirt4free 6 spots behind with and sliding going into 2018. (Our top pick still goes to that leading site). This flirt4free reviews was republished with major updates on April 21st 2018.


Flirt4Free is not the cheapest sex cams site online. Instead this cam site targets those of us who like a quality experience with very good-looking cam models. The average price is near $5 per minute though and that can go up fast if it’s a live pornstar cam show that you are after. This begs the question is the value really there for using this site long-term? Assuming it’s just a girl next door type you are after, you can find a huge selection here in that price range but the costs are in our opinion too high when you can find the same quality model on for much, much cheaper prices.


It can though still be said that Flirt4Free is a refreshing experience from the trashier cam sites as they do truly focus on a clean interface that focuses on the ladies and how to best interact with them. They have all the best features of top adult webcam sites but some very unique things that make the site a lot of fun to use.

Specifically they have adult webcam awards that pit the ladies against each other to keep the men satisfied. I should also mention that there are male and transsexual cam model here but the focus or majority of the business is done between men as the customer and women as the models. Anyway, here is a list of some of the best features to be found at

  • Vast search capabilities with unique cam niche searches such as live spanking cams and European webcam girls as well as many others.
  • Model Spotlight – a cool way to feature top cam models
  • Discount Days – special deals for lower prices
  • Photo Archives – photos of sex cam models on this site for you to browse
  • Flirt of the year – top annual webcam model
  • Fan Clubs – directly through the site you can become a fan and the model will share exclusive content with you. Is it a upsell? Yes, it is but it is still neat that this is all housed with the same site.


flirt4free cams


The truth is there are really no other sites like those that rank in our top 3 rankings from the aspect of having so, so many truly gorgeous cam model and so much focus on a high end user experience. Therefore, it comes down to getting the best prices! Streamate, then Jasmin, and lastly Flirt4Free offer the best experiences. However, due to costs we still rank Streamate quite a bit ahead of this site based on the total value you get for your money. While Flirt4Free is a classy webcam site, I can’t see users staying here for long when you get a good bit more for your money on our top two sites.


All of the top 3 sites offer a reasonably solid value for men who are a bit selective, but again streamate has the same engaging features for allot less of your hard-earned money and more models. When you register and explore those features, I think you will agree that this site does not measure up in that respect. As a result we have recently moved this site down in our rankings. The nod still goes to as top overall site and Jasmin at #2, but if you are already a member there, this site is worth giving a try for sure.

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Naked dot com Cam Site Reviews – SKIP IT! reviews reviews

Is a scam?

sex cam site reviews
Check our adult cam site ranking for the best live sex sites!

It’s nowhere near the top adult cam site! The webcam girls are remnants and hangovers from days of past. We spent about $150.00 U.S. dollars and felt ripped off to say the least. Their idea of the next big thing is Camster adult social network which is a total waste of time. Think myspace meets cams for fansites of live cam models. That I can assure you is not the future of sex cams. Think mobile interactive, Google glass, smart tv’s but will or already has been left in the dust by the best adult cam sites. Check our adult cam site ranking for the best live sex sites!

NAKED.COM CAMS PRICES: charges far much for what they offer. At cams will choke up between $3.00 to $5.00 per minute. When so many other sex cams give you more for less it begs the question why anyone at all uses this site anymore. Half the models we saw on the site looked miserable and unhappy to be there, another 3rd were just ugly. What you won’t realize if you are new to using adult webcam sites is that the best models follow the best sites and this live cams site has steadily lost users to the site mentioned below for years now. If I had one positive thing to say though it would have to be that I do like how you can instantly tell which nude cam girls are using HD cams since they have a little HD logo that appears on their home page as we show in the screenshot below. This is a great tool and more sex cam sites should do that.  I also like the A-Z model name search. That is kind of unique to this adult cam site. However, the negatives outweigh any positives.


  • Trending videos
  • Photo contest with awards for the most popular cam models
  • Again the site also owns which is a silly myspace like social community for fans of adult cam models. It’s for those who have far too much free time not for normal guys who just enjoy watching sexy girls live on cams from time to time.
  • Save favorites: Like nearly all adult webcams also offers this.


Other two star cam sites are BongaCams and Chaturbate and other 5 star sites are sites like and Naked is subpar compared to those sites.

screenshot of

A 2 star sex cams site at best according to our cam site reviews.
A 2 star sex cams site at best according to our cam site reviews.

CONCLUSION & FINDINGS ON NAKED.COM REVIEWS: makes us want to put our clothes back on. It’s just a total bust when stacked up to more modern sites that are more focused around bringing people back over and over again. This live cams site is too expensive, slow, and has mediocre models.

Another gripe we have is the billing methods and unclear costs at This leads to getting charges you do not expect and that is perhaps the worst thing that can ever happen when it comes to live cams or for that matter using ANY premium website.

I would encourage anyone who has ever used to compare it to Streamate lays waste to this site.

Phonemate reviews – You Should Know this!

Phonemates reviews

Is phonemates a cam site scam or a legitimate site? 



Not at all folks, phonemates was first designed to be popular for mobile adult webcam use and today it remains a popular sites visited by millions of people. The name of the site does throw some people for a loop though. When I first saw the name of this site, the first thing that came to mind was that this must be some sort of phone sex site. That is not the case. Phone sex though is offered by many live webcam models on many, many adult webcam sites, but not this one of those sites.

However, on cam sites that do offer those services I should add that the models usually reserve that for the best customers or use it as an enticement for private exclusive sex cam shows. So anyway since that does not apply to phonemates, let’s talk about this site specifically.

Phonemates is from the same company that operates (review at that link). Here is the skinny on this site from someone who has been a member for 7+ years. It is not a scam at all and is truth be told it is one of the leading companies in the adult webcams business in the world.

People throw around the word scam so loosely these days it’s absurd. Yes, this is not a free live webcam site and yes you have to pay to go on webcam with naked women. If having to pay for a legitimate service means it’s a scam than this is not the site for you nor are any sex cams sites.

Assuming you have some common sense and realize that adult webcam are a business which has become popular with consumers around the world then lets move forward with more about what makes this site different from the others.

The company (PussyCash) that offers has 3 main sites which are,, and Phonemates; collectively they make up some of the most visited live webcam sites on the web. All 3 sites are also responsive and offer a good mobile experience. This company along with Jasmin and in more recent years streamate have been at the head of the class with adult webcam services.


Phonemates again is the same site really with a different look as and These sites are all close in per minute price while phone mates is a touch lower. What explains that is our collection of models we tested were most likely by chance just lower since the same models appear on all these sites. Expect to pay about $2.30 per minute for cam show on the low-end and up to $3.50 on the high-end. This does again depend on which cam model that you select as they all set their own per minute rate. All that will differ is the credit system versus the actual dollar per minute system.


phonemate cams

See which live webcam sites for adults are the best here.


Partial list of features on

  • Mobile responsive sites is the strong point for phonemates. Their clunky appearance on desktop that we discussed in the reviews here applies to all their adult cam sites but many people would disagree and say they prefer the sharp lines of the site.
  • Search by kinks such as bondage cams, pornstar cams, and teen live cams.
  • You can also message performers once you join the site
  • Like most adult webcam sites you can also favorite a model to easily find them on your personal list later.


In our direct comparisons, (which we have conducted for over 2+ years now) we compare the key metrics like average model price, amount of models, and total average monthly costs for the same amount of time on different live cams sites. When we did that with they ended near the top of metrics as did, our top ranked cam site for 2016. (As a matter of full-disclosure this site uses a token system and the site we compared them, which is also our top ranked sex cams site; uses prepay versus pay as you go.) Another fine site for a tokens based system like that of is which also came our near the top. I suggest you look at both and both of these other sites and then see which interface is more appealing to you based on your individual tastes. 

Save money here on any of those vetted sites. In our cam site reviews we try to be impartial but we also try to share valuable personal observations. The fact is you may end up using live cam sites for adults, very often over the long-term. If you do the amount of money you will save at some of the top sites will have you happy you did more research. The comparison table is here. Happy camming!

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Imlive reviews – Is it Trustworthy reviews reviews


No, webcams are not a scam at all. As we discussed in our reviews of and (review at that link), which are the two leading adult webcam sites from the same company that operates Imlive live webcams; the company as a whole is known as a trusted market leader and actually is more than a decade old. They may have lots of customers around the globe as in millions and they have one of the lowest cost platforms as far as costs for adult webcam shows. Likewise, they also have a number of proprietary features with respect to site functionality that we like as well! 


The prices are still quite fair and reasonable for what you get here. Expect prices for adult webcam shows to run around $2 to $4 per minute on average as offered through their credit packages. Sure, we prefer to not have to change real money to funny money or buy credits or even prepay, but makes it worth using their credits by offering low costs in general.  The prices are not just in line with norms but truly extremely competitive.


Things are all inline with standard features here plus some. As we mentioned previously this adult cam site also has a number of cool and unique features to offer. Here is a partial list of what you will find on imlive cams.

  • Search by niches like: Trans or Fetish or BDSM
  • cash back awards: Every day 12 people at random are picked from the crowd and given all their money back! Neat indeed concept as far as customer appreciation.
  • Content galleries of videos and photos. (Although in other reviews I have said this is pointless when their are live nude cams I realize my own preferences are not the same as others and that many fans love to follow their favorite models more closely than I.)
  • Happy Hours Cams: No other live sex cams site offers this feature.


All adult cam sites cannot rank the same and we call them how we see them. The bottom line is imlive is a top cam site with a great user experience and a history of being fair and that is how they’ve earned a very high-ranking with us. This adult webcam cam site is as user-friendly as other top sex cam sites like and we recommend both as best customer picks.


Imlive has a white label program for webmasters which is quite famous so there are tons of sites that look the same as Imlive but is the ORIGNAL site. As far as company brands they also own phonemates and Imlive is the best of the 3 sites and has a very unique look to it.


imlive reviews

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