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So we do love to have nice things to say about a site and out of the top 30 cam sites we have now roasted about 20 of them. This site is in our top 3 for a reason. It is purely a pleasure to use this site from the user experience aspect. Tons of models, great features, fair and concise billing, great support, and reasonable prices.

Specifically expect to pay between 3 or 4 dollars depending on which live cam model that you select. Sure some are more but many are less. Thousands of cam models here charge just over 2 bucks a minute for full on cam sex. It’s really a great value at


The parent company of is friendfindernetworks and they are of course a pioneer in both adult dating and mainstream dating sites. They were one of the first to create a cam site for adults. Of course Penthouse bought the organization and never changed the payment system to pay as you go like you will see at Therefore if you prefer that method that Streamate will be a matter choice for you. If not is a winner!

Here is EXACTLY why.

  • Clean interface
  • Huge cam model selection
  • Can easily save favorites
  • Known to have some of the best looking cam models in the world as they offer cam models a higher split than many other sites
  • Experienced large company that would never screw you since they want you to keep coming back when you want this sort of entertainment.
  • OUR 1 GRIPE: They need a pay as you go system where you can leave your card on file get billed just to the second like on streamate. We have seen first hand that many people prefer that method.


Really has mastered what REALLY matters to the user. They don’t junk up the screen with emoticons and garbage that just gets in the way but instead they focus on a place that gives good utility and is popular. We like and are certain that it deserves a stop at the top of all adult webcam sites!




Try here. Remember it is a prepay site. If you prefer a pay as you go site then try

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