5 Best Live Cam Sites

The 5 Best Live Cam Sites

Hands down, it was't even close; these are ate 5 best live cam sites!
It wasn’t even close; these are the 5 best live cam sites!

As more and more people bid farewell to old tube sites and adopt live adult cams it’s becoming more and more necessary to research the best live cam sites to determine which sites deal fairly with customers. That is what we set out to do here at AdultWebcamReviews.org

Truth be told there are now tens of millions of us around the world using these live cam sites on a, more-and-more regular basis. The question though is, what sets the best live cam sites apart from the rest? Are they actually all the same? The answer is no, adult cam sites are not all the same. Actually there are many, many very big differences. Below are some key differences though as far as it relates to transparency and overall costs; two things we think are the most important with users. 

Many live cam sites have taken a very short-term outlook and have tried to make us much as they can off their customers in the short-term. Meanwhile other cam sites have focused much more on providing the best possible user experience and offered much better pricing models realizing that the use of live webcams in adult entertainment is truly here to stay. The best live cam sites are those that have focused on becoming trusted by consumers by being transparent and not giving you any unpleasant surprises.  These are the top 5 sites which we can recommend for you based on our detailed reviews of over 50 of the most well know live cam sites. Enjoy! (Top Cams Sites Updated for 2018)

Streamate tops the list Adult Webcam Sites

streamate.com reviews
The most widely used adult cam site!

1.  Streamate is the perennial favorite of the every day Joe who uses cams on a regular basis. Once you register, you can chat for free in open chat. Of course, don’t expect a show, but there is still lots of see.  We’d be silly not to include this on our list of the best live cam sites. This site is always a safe bet and the selection can’t be beat. They use a per minute system which lots of people really prefer. I should just add that Streamate is more popular than sites 2 and 3 as far as having more top models and more users and it also costs less, but all three of these top sites are neck and neck when it comes to saying which one is the best. Much of it boils down to user experience. While this is our favorite, you can’t go wrong with any of these 5 sites!

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ImLive is 2nd on the List of Top Live Cam Sites

ImLive is known for real amateuir webcam girls.
ImLive is known for real amateur webcam girls.


3. ImLive.com is and has been a top sex cams chat site for a very long time. Perhaps it could be said that they are the edgiest of all when it comes to shemale, fetish, and domination live webcam shows. Reasonable pricing and a great go-to destination for live adult entertainment. Not to mention that as of 2018 this live webcams site is the only one that has enabled models with the ability to stream directly from their mobile devices thus it has to be the best mobile adult cams site. We expect this will add the level of intimacy to shows and make live webcam experiences even more fun over time. Right now ImLive is the only site we are aware of that is doing this.

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3rd Overall Best Adult Cam Site is LiveJasmin.com

LiveJasmin.com reviews
The largest adult webcam site of 2016

2. LiveJasmin is a clean and trustworthy site which also happens to be the largest adult webcam site in the world.  It is a favorite for those who really like a crisp clutter free live webcam experience. Huge selection of cam models and typically very reasonable prices. Jasmin also has more international live webcam models (particularly from Romania) which gives them a great user-base and regular flow of new live cam models; which means lots of fresh faces! They use a credits based system that is simple and transparent. Millions of people use this site everyday.



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Cams.com moves into top 4 Cam Sites

cams.com reviews
Popular live sex cams site.

5. Looking for new American cam girls, housewives, and amateurs? Find just that at this site. Cost per minute ranges between $2.00 per minute to about $4.00 depending on the model, but it can go up if they are porn stars or very sought after models! Super easy to use and clean site. This sex chat site could easily rank much higher.

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HomeWebcamModels into last slot on top 5 cam sites list!

4. HomeWebcamModels.com is another one of the top cams sites in the world of live sex cams and adult live entertainment. It is our choice for 5th best live cam sites online currently. Prices for adult webcam shows here though seem to cost way more than Streamate, Jasmin, or ImLive for not much reason. There are a few gorgeous women on webcams here but not the massive number you find at all times at the 3 top cam sites. HomeWebcamModels operates on a credits system which I kind of dislike as well and feel that it’s not as transparent as the higher ranked adult cam sites.  Considering this site is rather expensive I would suggest you stick to the live webcams sites for adults in spots 1,2. or 3.

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