Chaturbate reviews – Scam or not?

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Is Chaturbate a safe site or a scam. Find out in our honest sex cams site reviews,
Is Chaturbate a safe site or a scam. Find out in our honest sex cams site reviews,

People often ask if there are other sites like but to be honest it is one of a kind in most respects. I explain below why that is a good thing. ūüôā Likewise chaturbate is often misspelled at chatterbate, chaterbate, chaterbate, and chatturbate, but it’s spelled Chaturbate which is a play on the word masturbate.


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In our opinion Chaturbate is a scam from the perspective that you are really just watching a voyeur cams site when you visit this site. You get nearly zero 1-on-1 interaction. We jokingly refer to chaturbate as the Kings Table of adult cam sites.¬†Personally, we hate the site. You may be impressed by what is there on your first visit but after you pay and really use the site you will find out that you get what you pay for! It’s chalk full of emoticons and men who are crass and too broke to pay. It’s perhaps the worst adult webcams site online. Compare Chaturbate to this site and you will quickly see what I mean!


The funny thing about Chaturbate is nobody really ever pays anyone but rather it’s chalk full or broke guys and desperate models who make little compared to legitimate adult webcam sites. Their called, ‘greys’ those that do not join and pay and that makes up 99% of the people who use this site. It’s one step better than a tube site like youporn, but two steps worse in you have to watch a screen of emoticons going wild as you compete with freeloaders for actual engagement with the cam model.¬†This sex cams site is my least favorite and the site I have spent ZERO time on since the first few times we used it.


As far as features this site is very sparse. It does however offer cam models a whole host of very unique features since the site is so desperate to get ACTUAL paying members. We think they will need to re-imagine the whole user experience and the layout as well as even the concept to compete long-term with the more legitimate and much more popular adult cam sites like


There are a few sites like Chaturbate. See our adult webcam reviews table on the home page where we compare chaturbate and suggest the best alternative live cams sites. I strongly suggest you stick with the top 10 sex cams sites. After that you really drop very quickly in reputation and overall user experience. The truth is there are tons of scam adult webcam sites!

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Common mispellings: Chatterbate, Chaterbate, and Chatturbate are all the same site and the proper spelling for the site is simply Chaturbate. It’s a word play on chat and masturbate. Now you know.


The consensus from most of us is now that Chaturbate when it was new was cool for about a week. Like that shiny new blue ray player 10 years ago from best buy, it will fade fast into your memory. The site leaves you feeling empty and much like a voyeur of the lowest order. You are not truly engaging in adult webcam shows here but watching some sort of stadium filled with crass men ranting, CUM, CUM, CUM.¬†This site makes you feel dirty is a not so fun way. It’s not an adult cam site for 2017 guy who likes some kinky 1-on-1 cam shows where there is give and take.

You can try Chaturbate anyway by using the button below. However, I would really encourage everyone to at least take 30 seconds and read the reviews! See why it was the top sex cams site for 2017! 

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