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Listen guys, is a not a scam because of the obvious reasons; the site has over 10,000 cam models active, and gets millions of page views a month with hundreds of thousands of members using the site daily. It is also operated by PussyCash which is one of the largest names in the adult webcam business. Their an honest and straight shooting company and chances are at least 5 people on your block will be logging in to use one of their sites today. However, I will tell you that I really prefer (our current #2 ranked site) and another site by the same company with a more modern layout which I think offers a 10x’s better user experience.

That being said is a great site too ‘getting the job done’. If you are using Sexier make sure to check out ImLive first though, after you peruse the updated review for 2016 below….

Likewise, we also suggest you compare Here is the deal, I love Sexier/Imlive for when I want to use a credits platforms and as a second go to site. I also really love the mobile experience here over almost all other sites. We even top rank this site because of the selection and reputation they have accompanied with the mobile experience. It’s just that fundamentally I do still prefer a system that does not use the credits billing model and instead charges you conveniently to your card based on the exact disclosed dollar amount multiplied by the minutes you use. It’s just easier for me to understand and keep track of as someone who uses live webcams many times per week. However, many others prefer it the other way around. Therefore, that is something for you to decide.

Just so you know though in the other business model streamate charges you without a credits system meaning you pay rounded to the second as you use their site. has you buy credits which are simple and easy to keep track on as well.

Many people do want to not have an open tab with the live cams company. I get that too. For those people is a great choice. is a similar site to with respect to the credits system and that site too would be another one of our top picks for that business model. You can read the review here or visit for yourself to compare it.

However, if you want to pay as you go with a credit card on tile than the site that makes the most sense is probably


The prices are another great argument to use because they do offer some the best pricing in the industry. It’s common to find models who, when the numbers are all flushed out, are charging you just about $1.99 per minute. Let’s be honest. That’s cheaper than early 90’s phone sex. It’s a great value for those seeking out live adult webcams. There can be no arguing that. It’s just a matter of which way you prefer to be billed and what you are most comfortable with.

Specifically you will pay about 3 U.S. dollars on avg with their credit system. Sure, it will vary depending on the model you pick and these are just averages based on our spend over 3 months time.


As you can see from the screenshot below navigation is boxy and a bit clunky. Others may look at the same thing and love it’s clear organization. That just boils down to personal preferences. The one aspect to this design I love is the top-level navigation to ‘Top Cam Models’. I’ve long believed that sticking to the top ranked cam girls on a site will prove to shield the users from the let-downs of many newbie cam models; those who have yet to realize that the way to win you over is good service and getting right down to business.


SITES LIKE SEXIER.COM is owned by pussycash which operates and These sites are all the same really except they separate out men in the case of and the designs are different of course. There are some unique features on the ImLive site I should note. Our favorite site on this platform is by a mile but mostly due to design.

These sites are also similar to about 6,000 white label adult webcams which they offer to webmasters. If you want to start your own adult webcam site a god resource to read is There are comparisons there as far as which programs do the best over time.

CONCLUSION & FINDINGS ON SEXIER.COM REVIEWS: is on our top 30 and it is operated by a company that is honest and plays fair with everyone. The design I personally find a little lacking but the value is there for once you are in shows and the selection of models is top-notch. If we made one suggestion we’d probably say to stick with the top cam 5 sites in our live cam reviews, but Sexier since it operates on the same platform as ImLive is a great pick as well.

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